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Gebroeders Niemeijer

The Bakery

Gebroeders Niemeijer is an artisanal French bakery located in the heart of Amsterdam. It is situated in a beautiful historic building with an original art deco ceiling. While visiting the shop or when sitting down to enjoy your meal you can look right into the open bakery and watch the bakers at work. Shortly after opening the bakery gained recognition as one of the best bakeries in the Netherlands, receiving international acclaim.

We make all of our breads and pastries by hand and bake in a large stone-floored oven. We do not use additives or prepared products. We always choose quality, including organic ingredients where possible. Whether baguettes, sourdough loaves, croissants, macarons, éclairs, millefeuille, or financiers... all you taste in our bakery are good ingredients and pure flavors.

In our bakery café and restaurant you can enjoy a classic French breakfast, lunch, or afternoon tea with delicious pastries. In addition to our breads, sandwiches, and pastries, we serve espresso from Turin; homemade jam, chutney, and marmalade; Mediterranean salads and soups; French cheeses; and charcuterie.

The Niemeijer Brothers

“Gebroeders Niemeijer” received its name from brothers Marco and Issa Niemeijer who opened the bakery in 2008 (the Dutch word “gebroeders” means “brothers”). Marco graduated from the Rietveld Art Academy and worked as a cook before opening the bakery. Issa studied sociology at the University of Amsterdam. During his studies he applied himself more and more to baking, already developing many of Gebroeders Niemeijer's unique recipes. Before opening his bakery, Issa worked with Gosselin in Paris, Menno 't Hoen in Rotterdam and Hartog Bakery in Amsterdam. From 2011 Issa continued as the sole owner of Gebroeders Niemeijer.

Product Range

Our Bread

All of our bread is shaped by hand, given a long slow development, and baked directly on the stone floor of the oven. The process creates the bread's characteristic crust, which bursts open during baking.

We use our own recipes. Our sourdough breads (batards, boules, and nut breads) use our homemade French levain with a mild, subtle flavor. The bread is sturdy, but at the same time maintains the light and open structure typical of French bread. The flavor of the bread is mildly sour but more than anything else very full. It is flavorful on its own or a complement to any dish.

Our current sourdough culture is eight and a half years old! We refresh it daily, keeping a portion of the old sourdough and adding fresh flour and water. In this way we maintain a specific and unique culture of natural yeast and bacteria. The bread has a slightly different flavor every day. This is caused by variations in the sourdough, flour, temperature, dough development, and shaping and baking of the breads.

In our yeast breads (baguettes, épis and pavés) the taste of the grain is enhanced by the use of a minimal amount of yeast. This, combined with a long and slow development time and the gentle weighing and shaping of the loaves, creates bread with a light, nutty flavor and a crispy crust.

We do not use any additives (no fats, lactose, bread enhancement powders, etc). The only ingredients in our breads are stone milled French flour, unrefined French sea salt from the Guerande, water, and sourdough or yeast. For the sourdough breads we use organic flour, for the baguettes and pavés certified label rouge, tradition Française.

We do not knead our doughs, instead only mixing the ingredients. This allows the gluten structure to develop naturally during an extended development time. We fold the dough by hand midway through its development to align and reinforce the gluten structure – a process known in France as “giving the dough a rabat”.

Keeping the Bread

Our bread has a strong crust; keep it in a paper bag to ensure that the crust remains crunchy and the bread stays fresh. On humid days (as happens often in Amsterdam), or when eating the bread the next day, it is possible to refresh it by placing the bread in a hot oven (e.g. 220 degrees Celsius) for just a few minutes. The crust loses its excess humidity, making the bread crunchy again.

€ 3,00

€ 3,25

€ 3,25

€ 3,25

€ 4,75

€ 5,20

€ 3,60

€ 5,75

€ 5,25

€ 3,45

€ 1,80

€ 2,90

€ 0,80

€ 0,45

€ 0,45

€ 0,45

€ 0,55

€ 4,25

€ 1,60

€ 10,95


We make our own croissants, pains au chocolat, Saint Joseph, pains aux raisins, brioches and brioches feuilletées based on classic French recipes. The flavors are enriched through long proofing times and a natural development of the dough, which is made with French flour. Our products never contain additives, preservatives or colorants. Our scones are based on an American recipe using crème fraiche in place of butter and milk. Just like the rest of the Viennoiserie, they are shaped by hand.

At Gebroeders Niemeijer we use real butter, making our pastry uniquely flavorful. Conventional bakeries making croissants or brioches feuilletées use a modified butter product designed to withstand the shaping process without melting into the dough. While convenient, the modified product affects the flavor of the pastry. Because we use real butter there is a variation in our pastry from day to day, but we maintain a flavor, structure and quality that is difficult to find nowadays – even in France. Elle Food magazine selected our croissants as the only ones in the Netherlands which easily match the quality of their French counterparts, and ranked our croissants as number one in the magazine's National Culinary Top 100.

€ 1,65

€ 1,75

€ 2,65

€ 2,65

€ 1,40

€ 1,95

€ 1,65


Our patisserie is also made by hand! From macarons to tartelettes au citron, canelés, and tarte tatin. From profiteroles, éclairs, and brownies to millefeuille, financiers, and galettes (Saint-Pierre). In winter we make our own gevulde speculaas - filled spice pastry, a Dutch specialty - with our homemade almond paste and home roasted spices. We use only our own original recipes and all pastry is made fresh every day.

We also make a limited selection of chocolate and cookies. Chocolate truffles (caramel au beurre salé), saucisson de chocolat, sablés au chocolat et fleur de sel, sablés à l’orange et raisins, tuiles, and speculaasjes in the autumn and winter.

We use no additives, preservatives or colorants. We make our own puff-pastry, grind our own nuts, and use high quality ingredients: Valrhona chocolate, Italian pastry flour, fresh vanilla, Sicilian lemons and organic seasonal (mostly local) fruit.

On request we also make larger lemon, chocolate, fruit or walnut tarts, as well as large tarte tatin and large pochon.

€ 4,50

€ 1,60

€ 1,60

€ 1,75

€ 2,15

€ 1,35

€ 2,15

€ 3,40

€ 3,10

€ 1,85

€ 2,45

€ 3,50

€ 3,30

€ 3,30

€ 3,30

€ 3,60

€ 3,40

€ 3,65

Large tarts

€ 15,50

€ 21,00

€ 25,00

Cookies and Chocolates

€ 4,50

€ 3,75

€ 4,25

€ 4,50

€ 4,25

€ 6,50

€ 3,75

There's More...

Next to bread, viennoiserie, and patisserie, we also carry other homemade products. Some are only available in the restaurant, such as our lemon-ginger lemonade or homemade ice tea. Others are available in the shop, such as our homemade jams and granola.

€ 6,50

€ 6,75

To Order

For pick-up the same day... phone the bakery!

For pick-up the next day... send us an email at

For large orders or for products that we do not make daily... also give us a call.

Keep in mind that the breads take two days to make, from starting the dough to baking the loaves. Many pastries also require more than one day to make the dough or the fillings. Be sure to order well in advance!

Breakfast & Lunch

In our café restaurant you can enjoy a classic French breakfast, lunch or high tea – or simply sit and savor a coffee or a pastry. We make our own granola and muesli, served with fresh yoghurt or quark (fromage frais). Our salads and soups are also made fresh in house. All of our dishes and sandwiches are also available for take away.

To complement our dishes we serve cheese from Amsterdam's renowned Fromagerie Kef, and charcuterie from Lindenhoff and Brandt en Levie. We make our own jams and marmalades. We work with organic salad, fruit, milk and yoghurt. Of course we emphasize our bread, but we also serve gluten free options such as salads and soups (...and for the sweet tooth, delicious macarons). In addition to a wide vegetarian assortment, our soups are always made without cream or milk products – our salads can also be adjusted to remove any dairy.

We serve Costadoro coffee - an Italian espresso with an intense, robust, but never bitter, flavor.

French Breakfast & Viennoiserie

‘petit déjeuner’ (until 12:00)

three petit pains with marmelade and butter, croissant or brioche, coffee or tea and fresh orange juice 7.95 / with fresh fruit 9.95

‘petit déjeuner extra’ (until 12:00)

four petit pains with marmelade and butter, croissant or brioche, a slice of Dutch farm cheese, gruyère and free range Italian ham, coffee or tea and fresh orange juice 10.25 / with fresh fruit 12.25


with jam and butter 2.85

with Dutch farm cheese (mild or mature) 3.60

with gruyère Alpage 3.95

with Dutch farm cheese and free range Italian ham 5.75

‘walnut & fig’

three walnut & fig petit pains with gruyère cheese 4.85

‘selection’ (until 12:00)

various kinds of sliced bread, Dutch farm cheese, jam and butter, fresh fruit and free range Italian ham 10.50


croissant with jam and butter 2.35

croissant with free range Italian ham or Dutch cheese 3.35

brioche with jam and butter 1.85 / brioche feuilletée 2.10

scone with jam and crème fraiche 2.50

pain au chocolat 1.95 / Saint Joseph 2.70 / pain au raisin 2.70


quark (fromage frais) with home made organic granola 5.50


farm yoghurt with home made organic muesli 4.95



au citron (lemon) 3.60 / au chocolat 3.60 / aux noix (walnuts) 3.60 / aux fruits frais (fruit of the season) 3.85

pochon d’été (puff pastry tartlet baked with fruit of the season) 3.85

tarte tatin

tarte tatin with crème fraiche 4.25


selection varies daily - check the pastry display in the shop!

financier (almond or hazelnut cake, made with ‘beurre noisette’) 1.75

saint-pierre (butter cake, only on weekends) 1.90

canelé (dark caramel with fresh vanilla) 2.25

macaron (almond meringue filled with butter cream) 2.30 / small 1.40

speculaas filled with almond paste (Dutch specialty, seasonal) 3.20

éclair 3.50, profiterole 2.60, brownie 2.60, millefeuille 4.25, citrus cake 4.25


a small dish of ‘truffes au caramel de beurre salé’ (pure chocolate truffles) and ‘saucisson de chocolat’ (pure chocolate slices with honey and almonds) for two people 6.95

Lunch (starting at 11.00 hours)


(also available on sliced bread 0.95 extra or on pizza bianca 1.5 times the price)

Dutch farm cheese mild or mature 5.20
gruyère Alpage or Beaufort according to season 5.50
Brie de Meaux with sundried tomatoes 6.25
mozzarella di bufala, cherry tomatoes and basil 7.75
chèvre Florence, with butternut squash, roasted almonds and wild garlic oil 7.75

San Daniele ham (free range) 7.25
Comté cheese with free range dried lamb sausage 8.25

Portuguese sardine pate 5.20
lightly smoked wild salmon (MSC certification) 7.95

walnut bread

with homemade fig jam 5.50
with lamb sausage (free range) and roquefort Carles 8.50

walnut & fig bread

with gruyère Alpage or Beaufort according to season 5.95

salad with bread (after 12:00)

lemon - salad greens, Moroccan pickled lemon, pine nuts and Parmigiano Reggiano 8.95
chèvre - salad with Tunnel de Chèvre, balsamico-fig dressing and roasted walnuts 10.50
salmon - salad with lightly smoked salmon with a dressing of mustard, honey, dill, horseradish and thinly sliced fennel 12.50

soup (after 12:00)

soup of the day with bread 8.50

cheese & charcuterie (after 12:00)

selection of cheeses with homemade fig jam or marmalade and bread - small 10.50 / large 14.75
selection of cheeses & charcuterie with homemade fig jam or marmelade and bread - small 11.25 / large 15.95

‘high tea’ (14:00 - 17.30, weekends until 16:30)

basic - selection of viennoiserie and patisserie and a pot of tea 17.75 per person
classic - selection of small sandwiches, viennoiserie and patisserie and a pot of tea 21.75 per person


extra bread 0.95 / walnut bread or walnut and fig bread 1.75


coffee Costadoro

espresso 2.25 / espresso macchiato 2.40
cappuccino 2.65 / café au lait 2.65
latte macchiato 2.95
latte mocha (with dark Valrhona chocolate) 3.95
flat white 3.80
plain black coffee 2.35
Americano small 2.35 / large 3.30


range of Simon Lévelt organic teas 2.30
fresh mint or ginger tea 2.50
chai latte (caffeine free) 2.95

hot chocolate

with dark Valrhona chocolate 3.85


milk 2.30 / buttermilk 2.40

ice tea

earl grey with fresh citrus and mint (homemade) 2.95


lemon & ginger (homemade) 2.50
elderberry (organic) 2.40

fruit juices

fresh orange juice small 2.85 / large 3.95
apple juice from Bemelerhof 2.50
pear juice from Bemelerhof 2.85
cherry- or apple-berry juice from Bemelerhof 2.85


orange and banana 3.95
green (spinach, ginger, pear, mint, lemon, orange) 5.60
fruit of the day 4.60

water & frisdrank

Pellegrino (sparkling) 2.35 / Pellegrino large 4.75
Panna (flat) 2.35 / Panna large 4.75
Pellegrino (fruit) / Coca Cola / Coca Cola light 2.40

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Jamie Oliver Magazine

Jamie Oliver Magazine:

"The best baguettes and tarts in town, le pain perfect"


"Super baker. The best French bread, pastries and lunch. One of the best bakeries in the country"
Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet:

"linger over flakey croissants for breakfast or fantastic sandwiches made with walnut bread and lamb sausage for lunch"
Petit Futé

Petit Futé:

"Véritable oasis de bonheur et de goût, qualité supérieure, les produits sont succulents et artisanaux"
Slow Food

Slow Food:

"one of the best bakers in the country"
Mobil Deutsche Bahn

Mobil Deutsche Bahn:

"Wer Glaubt, dass es die besten franzözischem Backwaren in Frankreich gibt, der war noch nicht in Gebroeders Niemeijer Bakkerij"
Guide du Routard

Guide du Routard:

"délicieux croissants, tartes, macarons et autres pâtisseries alléchantes, adresse qui contribue au renouveau du centre d'Amsterdam"
Elle Eten

Elle Food:

"#1 Croissant"
Artisan Magazine Australië

Artisan Magazine Australië:

"delicious and freshly baked goods, there aren't many bakers that work so hard at perfecting the artisinal process"
Pâtisserie & Desserts

Pâtisserie & Desserts (editie 43):

"artisanal perfection"

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